The difference between us and other products

is that we use coated magnesium sulfate, which determines its outstanding stability.

Coated magnesium sulfate

Ordinary magnesium sulfate


Price Advantage

The magnesium sulfate products we provide are all sold directly from the place of origin, and there is no middleman, saving additional costs for customers.

About Magnesium Sulfate

The super buddy of rice

In practical applications, the correct and scientific use of magnesium sulfate can completely increase the unit output by more than 10%.

Pomelo's health bodyguard

Pomelo trees are prone to magnesium deficiency, so applying magnesium sulfate fertilizer to supplement magnesium is extremely important for pomelo trees.

Longan soil improvement experts

prevent yellowing of fruit trees, prevent poor nutrients, rejuvenate and turn green.



Agricultural applications of magnesium sulfate

Industrial applications of magnesium sulfate


paper making


Printing dyes

lead–acid battery

Water treatment

Application of Magnesium Sulfate in Feed

Magnesium is an indispensable factor in the process of bone formation and muscle contraction in livestock and poultry. It is an activator of various enzymes in livestock and poultry. It plays an extremely important role in material metabolism and nerve function in livestock and poultry. If the body of livestock and poultry lacks magnesium, it will cause material metabolism and neurological disorders, supply imbalance, affect the growth and development of livestock and poultry, and even cause death.

More products

We not only provide magnesium sulfate, but also more products…

MgSO4 Fertilizer(powder and granule)

soluble ≥ 24%
SO₃ soluble≥ 46%

Calcium Sulphate Fertilizer

MgSO4·H2O ≥ 10%
CaSO4 ≥ 40%
CaO ≥ 40%

Boric Magnesium Fertilizer

MgO ≥ 15%
B2O3 ≥ 10%

Multielement Zinc Fertilizer

CaO ≥ 24%
MgO ≥ 10%
Zn ≥ 3%
B2O3 ≥ 10%

Manganese Sulphate

MnSO4 ≥ 20%
CaO ≥ 10%